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Our Wall-mounted Series of work from home furniture are smartly designed to double up as both Work/Study Table and as a storage space. This furniture range is ideal for work from home professionals with limited space.
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    Wall-mounted Series - WFH304

    Rs. 12,570.00 Rs. 5,985.00
    Proper full work table during office hours that folds back elegantly into a cupboard space that allows for storage as well. Ideal for professionals who want a proper work from...

    Wall-mounted Series - WFH305

    Rs. 7,200.00 Rs. 3,430.00
    This beautiful wall mounted work table doubles up as a display unit. This is ideal for professionals who want a convertible setup for their home office while working from home.

    Wall-mounted Series - WFH309

    Rs. 11,170.00 Rs. 5,320.00
    This professional workstation that is wall mounted comes with an integrated pin-up board that will allow you to stay at top of work even when you are working from home....

    Wall-mounted Series - WFH301

    Rs. 6,615.00 Rs. 3,150.00
    Simple and stylish multi-purpose wall mountable foldable study/laptop. This minimal laptop stand from HOFFICE can fold along your wall hardly occupying any space. This is ideal if you are looking...

    Wall-mounted Series - WFH307

    Rs. 11,470.00 Rs. 5,460.00
    A fashionable wall mounted work table. This can also double up as a beautiful shelf space on your house. If you are a work from home professional looking for an...

    Wall-mounted Series - WFH302

    Rs. 6,170.00 Rs. 2,940.00
    Compact space-saving wall mounted work/study table. With closed storage options, this compact work from home furniture is ideal to double up as a storage and work table at the home...

    Wall-mounted Series - WFH306

    Rs. 6,910.00 Rs. 3,290.00
    Sort out your work from home worries with this minimal laptop table that doubles up as a storage cupboard. Ideal furniture for professionals working from home with limited space.

    Wall-mounted Series - WFH303

    Rs. 5,440.00 Rs. 2,590.00
    This is a compact work table that doubles up as a beautiful display or storage space at home after work hours. This model is ideal for professionals who are looking for a...

    Wall-mounted Series - WFH311

    Rs. 6,900.00 Rs. 3,300.00
    Your search for the simplest wall-mounted work stations ends here! Get this clean and minimal work station that also has ample storage space to be of use at home, after...

    Wall-mounted Series - WFH310

    Rs. 10,700.00 Rs. 5,080.00
    This wall mounted work station will double up as a storage space when you aren't working. This is the work from home furniture you were looking for.

    Wall-mounted Series - WFH308

    Rs. 11,395.00 Rs. 5,425.00
    Clean and beautiful wooden wall mounted workstation that can also work as a storage space outside of work hours. Ideal for working from homes with limited spaces for full sized...
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