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work from home

work from home

Work from home – A new routine

Working out from home is something that many of us didn’t even give a try before. But now, we all are forced to do it. Few among us feel that working from home is boring, not so interesting and whereas few feel that it actually works awesome for them.

This is the time we have to realize which environment actually allows us to be more productive and comfortable: the Home office or Office office?

Can we short this terms, like Hoffice for Home Office and Ooffice for Office office? Yah! That sounds good.

Okay, let’s get into the topic.

Which allows you to be more productive & comfortable: Hoffice or Ooffice?

Let us explain:

In Ooffice: With so many meetings to attend, conversations with co-workers, calls, emails and numerous other interruptions, it can often feel like a real challenge to stay productive and get the important things done. Even if we try hard to get things done on time, someone will just come and ask us to join for a coffee, which we cannot avoid or we won’t wish to avoid.

Distractions lower our productivity and energy. It also affects our ability to focus and stick with our tasks or work for long. At the same time, the other side of Ooffice is where we can enjoy our co-worker’s company, have a good time with our colleagues and we can easily reach them if we are in a need of any help.

In Hoffice: To be precise, we may have many distractions and interruptions at home as well but it affects us only when we allow it. Even if there is any such, we can easily avoid those disturbances at our home which we cannot do in our Ooffice environment.

Work from home works great if we take a little effort. We need to realize that, we all need privacy when we work, there should be no distractions or disturbances which tests our concentration and commitment towards our work.


Here are few tips to make your Hoffice more interesting and comfortable:

We always need a separate work desk and chair to work. Having a proper workspace set up will actually help us to get the stress out and we don’t need to worry about finding the right place to work if we have a permanent comfortable workspace at home.

Also, when we are working we have to sit in the same place. Sticking into the same place for hours will definitely affect our health and results in back pain, shoulder pain tiredness and so on. So, it is preferred not to compromise on a good chair and work desk.

Pick a chair that has greater support and that gives great posture to your body with adjustable height. Choose a desk that has storage space which allows you to keep all your paperwork and other work-related accessories in one place. You should feel great while working only then you can provide greater results.

That’s why creating a separate workspace in your house that is conducive to WFH is necessary. We can say, we are comfortable working on our bed, sofa or dining table. All these options sounds good but, if we are going to do this every day, it will definitely hurt our spine and will cause other health issues. So, it is always suggested to have a proper Hoffice set up in our home which actually helps us to get into the work mode which in turn results in high productivity and work satisfaction.

Happy Working!

Stay home, Stay safe!

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