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work from home

work from home

Ways to make your WFH better!

Working from home can be highly productive, but without a proper workspace, a prioritized schedule it can also go badly wrong.

Though work from home works well for many people it also comes with its own distractions and you may struggle to be productive when you’re unsupervised. So, being able to adjust your working environment to match your preferences and needs can help you to stay more relaxed. Doing tasks in the way that suits you best will allow you to work more effectively, creatively and enjoyably.

So, let’s explore the ways to avoid the pitfalls, distractions and stay professional and productive while you are working at home.


Find your own workspace that works for you

With working from home becoming a new normal, the kitchen/dining table, couch or bed is not an ideal workspace. So, it is important to find a right space in your house where you can carry on with your work without worrying about interruptions.

You don’t need a separate spare room to create your home office. You can create a comfortable workspace at home just by separating your work area from your personal space and use it only for working, not for other activities.


Pick a perfect work desk

A right work desk for your home office can make your work day go much smoother. Consider having a desk that has sufficient space to keep your laptop/desktop, an extra storage space to keep your paper works, files and specially a desk that provides clearance for your legs.  It is preferred to have a compact & portable desk so that you can move/change your workspace to experience different views.

Organize your work desk and make sure that you have everything you need within easy reach. Last but not least, have a laminated desk surface which will help you with everyday cleaning and that withstands better for your daily use.


Choose a comfortable ergonomic chair

When it comes to work equipment’s, nothing is more important than a comfortable and supportive work chair. Research says that slouching and similar postures while sitting can cause backaches, headaches and poor concentration.

With the amount of time you spend sitting in work chair, it is important you choose a chair that is well-designed, safe, comfortable and adjustable one which provides a stable back support along with comfortable arm rests. A chair that fits you well will make a big difference in your health as well as in your work life.



Plan your day

Planning a day is the most important thing you can do every day. Take a paper and list the things that need to be done. Also, decide what will make your day highly successful and plan accordingly to follow the same as routine. It is not necessary to spend your whole day with work, manage your time - take breaks in between, spend time with your family & friends whenever it is possible for you so that they won’t disturb you while you are working.


Talk with your colleagues

Connect with your colleagues - make a call and talk to them about how you are spending you’re your time at home and ask them how they are doing. Discuss about how working from home works for you, share your work routine, help them in case they need your support or ask if you want any support from them. Small talk with your colleagues will actually makes you feel better and it’s a way to share & get different thoughts, information and knowledge about different things around us.


Happy working!


Stay home, Stay Safe!
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