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work from home

work from home

Tips to make your work from home more productive

Work from home - a great, flexible option for many employees. You can make it even more interesting and productive by prioritizing your work and scheduling proper working hours. You can mix your home responsibilities with work tasks but, it won’t be effective for long run. It’s better to decide what hours and what tasks you will be focusing for the day. Of course, you have to be available during certain times to communicate with your boss/colleague but, hopefully you get enough flexibility to shift your schedule accordingly.


One of the best thing about work from home is, it doesn’t have to be 9 to 5. You can work in a way that suits you .If you are a morning person, start early and have a break mid-afternoon and continue your work after lunch. If you are a late sleeper/night person, start your work after lunch and work into the evening.


Most importantly, take regular scheduled meal times, especially lunch and tea/coffee break in the middle of your working day and it is not preferred to eat at desk.


Remember work-life balance is an important thing in your life. When we talk about balance, not everything has to be completion or achievement of a task, it has also include self-care so that your body, mind and soul are being refreshed. You need time for both work and other aspects of life, whether those are family-related or personal interests.


One of the biggest struggles in life is knowing how to prioritize work. To be precise, a lot of work that we do every day doesn’t really need to be done. At least not right away. It’s one of the cornerstone of productivity and once you know how to properly prioritize, it can help with everything from your time management to work-life balance.


Prioritization is simple, all you have to do is, just list the things that are to be accomplished. You may have the tasks that need to be done today or the goals you have to finish for this week, so list all the tasks and goals that need to be finished. Once you have all your tasks together, break them into monthly, weekly and daily goals. Remember, this prioritization is not only for your professional work it includes your family- related or personal work as well.


If you find it difficult to prioritize your tasks, use Eisenhower Matrix. It’s a simple four-quadrant box that helps you separate urgent tasks from important ones. Ask which one of the quadrants to be done first and start working accordingly.

Here’s the Eisenhower Matrix or Urgent-Important matrix for your reference:

  • Urgent and Important: Do these tasks as soon as possible
  • Important, but not urgent:Decide when you’ll do these and schedule it
  • Urgent, but not important:Delegate it to others based on the urgency and finish
  • Neither urgent nor important:Drop/Eliminate these from your schedule as soon as possible

The reality is that, no matter what you spend your timing doing, you will never get the time back. Life is a series of choices. Choose wisely. Saying ‘No’ to some activities is as important as saying ‘yes’. So, start saying no to unimportant activities and be productive. Priorities are great.

Prioritized working is productive working!

Happy working!

Stay home, Stay safe!

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